There are those who still doubt Apple’s intentions in the automotive world and the existence of Project Titan. Buying a test track and hiring more qualified staff should help silence those voices. Because the evidence accumulates until the rumors which point to a future Apple Car.

A vehicle test track in the middle of Arizona

Arizona is one of the states with the greatest facilities for companies developing autonomous driving technologies. In fact, it is one of the pioneers in the recent integration of the DNI into the iPhone. It was in this condition that there was a test track for vehicles that once belonged to Chrysler. Apparently the same company that has rented the place for the last few years decided to buy it.

The test track northwest of Surprise, Arizona.

Route 14 Investment Partners, with several offices in the United States, signed the purchase of the 34 plots that make up the place, for $ 125 million. There is no known direct relationship between this company and Apple, but it is believed that the Cupertino company could use it as a legal subject to hide its operations. The amount paid for the property indicates, at the very least, that there is someone with a lot of money behind it.

This automotive test site is located just outside of Surprise in mid-state Arizona. As can be seen in the picture, it consists of a large oval circuit, in addition to two smaller ones inside.

Signature of two ex-Mercedes engineers

Adding more arguments in favor of the Apple Car, MacRumors revealed that Apple hired two former Mercedes engineers. The first of them worked in the “mass production of vehicles”, the steering system and other sections. In addition to Mercedes, he also worked at Porsche.

Again without mentioning the names of the signatures, the publication assures that Apple’s second signature is that of an engineer from Mercedes, without specifying more details. The Titan Project thus adds two new members to its teams. In recent weeks, it was known that Kevin Lynch had also joined the project.

Lynch is known to be responsible for the development of the Apple Watch, reporting to Jeff Williams, Apple’s COO. The former Adobe employee has participated in several keynotes showing the public the news of Apple Watch, watchOS and even Apple Fitness +.

The driving track and the signings became known a few days after DigiTimes announced the launch of the Apple Car in 2024. A rather ambitious date and which would coincide with the launch of Apple Glass.