Toronto, Monday 23 August 2021

Wearing a mask is mandatory to protect against corona. Can each type of mask provide protection against infection? How effective is the mask you are wearing in providing protection against infection? In a study focusing on similar questions, scientists have made an important statement on the issue of brown surgical masks. Scientists have found this type of mask to be ineffective in providing protection from corona.

A study conducted by scientists at the University of Waterloo in Canada has found that the brown surgical face mask used by many people in the corona pandemic has not been shown to be effective in protecting against infection with Kovid-12. Surgical face masks cannot be considered more effective in blocking aerosol drops.

Brown surgical masks do not cover the face well. It is important that people wear masks as information is being received about new and more infectious forms of corona. Researchers said in the study that masks like N3 and KN3 can provide more effective protection from corona.