Google Chrome is the preinstalled web browser on the vast majority of Android mobiles. If you like Google Chrome, but not Google, you can always go for alternative Chromium-based browsers like Ungoogled Chromium, Kiwi, or Bromite.

Bromite is an open source Chromium based web browser that removes all traces of Google, adds privacy enhancements that are not in the standard version, and adds cool features like viewing a website’s source code, forcing tablet mode, change user -agent, use Greasemonkey scripts and many more.

Less Google and more advanced features

Bromite is a new browser based on Chromium – the open source part of Google Chrome – to create a browser that looks a lot like Google Chrome, but has no trace of Google. All references to Google APIs and websites have been removed internally, so the address bar reverts to an address bar – no search suggestions.

The homepage is much cleaner, with no recommended articles or other necessities that Google has incorporated recently. A few recommended links appear, the button to open favorites and downloads and that’s it. The menus are very similar to those in Google Chrome, although there are some new options.

In Bromite, you can see the source code of a webpage, like in Google Chrome for PC

For example, it is possible to view the source code of the opened page or to save all open tabs as bookmarks, two options possible in Google Chrome for PC, but not on mobile. The browser also recovers old Chrome features that could be enabled using Chrome flags that were later removed, such as # pull-to-refresh.

Among the added privacy options there are many additional options for incognito mode, some coming from settings and others via flags. The idea is to improve the incognito mode so that it can be used for all websites, with options to enable screenshots and history in incognito mode or open all links to external pages in incognito mode. .

Other Bromite possibilities are user agent and time zone customization and the ability to use Greasemonkey scripts to personalize web pages, in addition to being able to turn off automatic video playback or, vice versa, as the videos keep playing in the background tabs.

Bromite is an open source browser that is not available on Google Play. You need Android Lollipop or higher and you can download it from its website in APK format, choosing the architecture of your mobile.