New Delhi: The British Prince’s explosive revelations about his relationship with a woman have stirred the royal family. Carolyn Andriano, one of America’s biggest financiers and the victim of sex crimes convict Jeffrey Epstein, has made a sensational disclosure about Britain’s Prince Andrew. Is. He said he was told by a woman named Virginia Roberts that she had a physical relationship with Britain’s Prince Andrew.

Virginia Roberts has also accused Britain’s Prince Andrew of rape. The matter is in US court. However, Prince Andrew’s lawyers are calling for the case to be dismissed. Virginia Roberts claims that she was only 17 when Prince Andrew started dating her.

Jeffrey Epstein had connections with powerful people in America. Some of them were former US Presidents. Epstein was accused of treating underage girls as sex slaves. He was convicted on several counts of sexual assault. Epstein committed suicide in a US prison.

Giselein Maxwell, an associate of Jeffrey Epstein, was recently convicted of sexual misconduct. He was accused of making underage girls sex slaves. These young women then worked for Epstein.

Here’s an old photo from Virginia Roberts and Prince Andrew’s visit to Gisselin Maxwell’s home. The photo has covered the British and American media. The victim, Carolyn Andriano, said Virginia Roberts texted London in March 2021 to show that she was going to dinner with Prince Andrew, Giselle Maxwell and Jeffrey Upstein. The evidence provided by Caroline Andriano, 35, is crucial to Maxwell’s conviction.