MPs have to dress like businessmen

New rules issued by the Speaker of the House of Commons emphasize rites and limits

LONDON: Members of UK Parliament will now have to follow limits and etiquette, as the speaker of the House of Commons, the lower house of parliament, has put in place new rules under which MPs will wear a member and cultured politicians when the House meets. Coming days.

The speaker also warned that all MPs would have to wear such clothes and shoes except a businessman. In the circular issued by the Speaker to the MPs, it has been clarified that no MP will be allowed to wear jeans, skin-tight fitting pants or sports shoes during the sitting of the Parliament.

Several rules relating to parliamentarians were eased during the UK’s nationwide lockdown during the Covid pandemic, but now Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle has changed those rules. The new rules he amended said lawmakers should know what they should wear. They should respect their constituents in their Lok Sabha constituencies and also maintain the dignity of the House.

The new rules urge all lawmakers to dress as businessmen when they come to attend a meeting of the House of Representatives after the end of the summer and when they return to Parliament premises. Jeans, fitted pants, any type of clothing or shoes that are going to play sports and casual pants are not suitable at all. Clothing like T-shirts and sleeveless tops does not suit lawmakers, the rules stated in clear terms.