To some this may be a big unknown, but BOE is a panel manufacturer with huge market clout. Tasked with bringing panels for mobile phones and even large TVs to life, it has now announced that it has created a panel with a 500Hz refresh rate.

Some brutal numbers for a panel that’s still a prototype, it needs to be said, but shatters the numbers we’ve seen so far in used monitor panels, especially those geared towards the gaming market, in which the on-screen frequency is fundamental.

Designed for gaming environments

The Chinese manufacturer BOE Technology has developed a panel that can reach a refresh rate of 500 Hz. A panel with a diagonal of 27 inches and Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) which also achieves a response time of 1 millisecond .

A panel that monitors for the gamer market can take advantage of this, where the cap so far has been the 360Hz we’ve seen in some models. This improvement further optimizes gameplay, especially in competitive and action game environments where response time is critical.

To reach this figure of 500 Hz, the manufacturer has used a high mobility oxide semiconductor display technology, a technology which for the moment is not applied in the creation of mass products and for which we will still have to wait.

And it is also that with such figures, it is necessary to take into account that these are products intended for a very specific market, that of professional players who seek, more than resolution, response time. Moreover, these are numbers that require suitable titles that can take advantage of them and suitable hardware in the form of a PC to match.

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