Amid news of Apple Watch Series 7 manufacturing delays and the lack of a blood pressure sensor, the Wall Street Journal is casting some hope for future Apple Watches. The journal lists Apple’s plans for future watches, including blood pressure sensors, improvements in sleep tracking, blood sugar measurement, body temperature and more.

Blood pressure and blood sugar measurement

About the blood pressure sensor, there have been several conflicting rumors lately. Recently, we saw how a report mentioned that this feature would be coming to the Apple Watch Series 7 and shortly thereafter, how Mark Gurman exhaustively refuted it. Just because it doesn’t reach that next Apple Watch, doesn’t mean we’ll never see this feature.

In this regard, the WSJ collects that Apple has many plans for health features, including a blood pressure sensor that allows this parameter to be monitored in a non-intrusive manner.

The version of the feature discussed at Apple would attempt to show users how their blood pressure is progressing, but without providing a baseline measurement of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, according to people familiar with the plans. Some employees have asked managers about the usefulness of the feature, these people said, although they cautioned that the feature is still in development and could change.

As for the alleged blood glucose sensor, which has been in the Cupertino laboratories for years, the publication explains that Apple is struggling to achieve the expected level of quality and reliability and that progress is still slow.

Track sleep, body temperature and more

In terms of improvements over sleep monitoring, the Apple Watch Series 8, model 2022, is expected to bring new things. These novelties would focus on the ability to detect sleep patterns, as well as apnea.

The main challenge in the development of these functions is the battery life. According to the WSJ, Apple is looking at ways to read information from sensors at night without significantly affecting the length of the night.

It would also be on the Apple Watch Series 8 when we would see the body temperature measurement. Apparently, “one of the planned uses for this sensor in 2022 will be fertility planning which will give women clues as to where they are in their ovulation cycle.”

Finally, the report collects how Apple is seeking FDA approvals for certain updates to the current capabilities of the Apple Watch. With this, certain functionalities will be able to launch notices, for example, improving what current tools already offer.

In addition, Apple wants the FDA to approve updates to the existing functions of the watch. One of those updates would allow people diagnosed with an irregular heartbeat known as atrial fibrillation, or AFib, to use the watch feature designed to track this condition, according to documents and people familiar with the condition. plans. Another feature would allow the company to alert users if their blood oxygen levels drop, according to people familiar with the matter. Currently, the blood oxygen sensor provides a reading, but does not alert users, and the atrial fibrillation feature can only be used by people who report they do not have it.

While it seems clear that the Apple Watch Series 7 we’re expecting in a few weeks won’t differ much from the current model in terms of health benefits, it’s also clear that health is a topic of great interest at Apple. From the report, it is clear that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 8 will bring several very interesting news.