A superhero takes action against an entertainment giant: Scarlett Johansson sued the American company Disney in the dispute over the film “Black Widow”. Everything points to a fierce fight.

Los Angeles (AP) – Hollywood star Scarlett Johansson (36) has sued US entertainment giant Disney over the dispute over his new movie “Black Widow”.

The actress has filed a breach of contract complaint in Los Angeles court. This is directed against the simultaneous publication of the Marvel film “Black Widow” in theaters and on the Disney + streaming platform, as reported by US media, citing court documents.

This simultaneous start violated contractual agreements, Johansson claims in the complaint. When the contract was signed in 2017, he was promised an exclusive on-screen release of the film – his income is based on the cinema’s income.

The Disney group has dismissed the allegations with harsh words. This trial is unfounded and also “extremely sad and regrettable” as it “heartlessly” ignores the global effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

In the announcement, Disney went on to say that the contract had been honored. Johansson is said to have improved her earning opportunities with the streaming release – on top of the $ 20 million she has already received.

“Black Widow” was released on July 9 in theaters in the United States and at the same time on Disney +. Johansson had played the Marvel Universe character several times before, but this was his first solo combative agent film. The film, directed by Australian Cate Shortland, tells the story of Natasha Romanoff, a spy known as Black Widow.

More and more studios are embracing the new marketing strategy of releasing films simultaneously on screen and streaming. The corona pandemic last pushed this hybrid model after many theaters were closed for months or had to settle for lower capacity. It usually takes several weeks or months between theatrical release and subsequent streaming to screens.

According to the “New York Times”, “Black Widow” grossed $ 158 million worldwide in the first three days of cinema. Additionally, the film grossed around $ 60 million on the Disney + streaming channel on opening weekend.