Black Hawk helicopter
Black Hawk helicopter


New Delhi Date. Saturday, February 12, 2022

The American Super Machine Black Hawk helicopter has created history in the world of automation and warfare. For the first time, a Black Hawk helicopter has successfully flown without a pilot. The helicopter took off on February 5 at an altitude of about 4000 feet at 115 to 125 mph, marking a new chapter in the world of science.

This experiment was done in Kentucky, USA. A virtual city was created by computer simulation where there were buildings and other obstacles. The Black Hawk had to successfully complete its flight by avoiding these obstacles.

The helicopters also managed to avoid imaginary buildings built during the flight.

The unmanned Black Hawk helicopter met all the standards in the test and made a successful landing. This big success of America in the defense sector will increase the problems of China and Russia. Let us tell you, this helicopter of Black Hawk plays an important role in the war. It is very difficult to intercept this high speed helicopter with radar.

According to a news agency, the first test flight of the unmanned Black Hawk helicopter took place on February 5 at an altitude of about 4,000 feet. Meanwhile, the helicopters flew at 115 to 125 mph. Another flight was made on Monday from the same helicopter.

Research aimed at 3 things

The computer-operated Black Hawk helicopter was tested under the US Defense Research Program named Elias. The research was carried out with three goals, Elias’ program manager Stuart Young told Popular Science. The first was related to security. Second, the third goal is to reduce the cost of flight, to reduce the impact in case of an accident or accident.

Taliban also has 2 Black Hawk helicopters

The Taliban, which is currently ruling Afghanistan, also has two sets of these sophisticated American Black Hawk helicopters. In fact, most of the helicopters and warplanes were damaged by the US military as it left Afghanistan, so the Taliban could not use them at any cost. But after the withdrawal of American troops from Kabul, the Taliban withdrew.

It was repaired by the engineering team of the Afghan army.

Two Black Hawk helicopters shot down by the US were repaired by the Taliban’s Afghan engineering team, making them airworthy. The helicopter destroyed by the US was repaired by an engineering team of the Afghan army. Afghan army pilot Naqib Himmat shared this information on his Facebook page.

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