Washington: Media outlets in the United States and Britain have unanimously criticized President Joe Biden’s statement of handshake on the crisis in Afghanistan, calling it the biggest foreign policy mistake of the past three years and a disaster by some.

Left-wing outlets such as CNN and The New York Times, traditionally said to be supporters of the Democrat president, also sharply criticized Biden’s policy of allowing anarchist elements to occupy Kabul. These anarchist elements captured the Afghan army and captured Kabul at an astonishing rate during the countdown.

The Wall Street Journal criticized Joe Biden’s hand-washing statement, saying it was the most reprehensible chapter in history written by the Commander-in-Chief. Commenting on the deteriorating situation in Afghanistan, the CNN columnist said that the US defeat and its cowardly return to Afghanistan was a serious political mistake of the US President and criticized him for not adopting a proper exit strategy.

Whereas in The Atlantic, the writer said that the US has regularly betrayed the Afghan people and that the burden of shame will always rest on Biden’s head. The New York Post said in an editorial that Biden’s claim that the withdrawal plan he inherited from Donald Trump was a lie and that the situation had become “routine” when US embassy staff had to be evacuated from Saigon in Vietnam.

The New York Times claimed that Biden needed to examine history before taking such a step. The Washington Post said Biden’s move would put a big dent on his presidency. The current situation in Afghanistan is a US-made disaster.

Biden was also slammed by British newspapers. The Sun editorial said the United States had withdrawn vital air support to the Afghan military, for which it had spent billions of dollars over 20 years. The Times wrote that it is the second biggest foreign policy disaster in US foreign policy since 1919 Suez. Biden was formally reprimanded for betraying the Afghan people.