Biden to use plane to deport Brazilians

US President Joe Biden | Photo: Disclosure / White House

The United States is due to send next Thursday (20) the first chartered flight with Brazilian immigrants deported since the start of the Joe Biden government. The information, based on three sources that accompany American immigration issues, was published by the newspaper O Estado de São Paulo. The Democratic president must therefore repeat a policy widely used under the administration of Republican Donald Trump.

Also according to Estadão, the flight has yet to leave the United States only because the American authorities were discussing how to provide the negative Covid-19 test to all Brazilians who will be deported. Indeed, since December 30, all passengers entering Brazil must present a PCR exam.

Itamaraty did not respond to the newspaper’s report on the theft, but said he had already been briefed on the case and that Brazilian consular authorities in the United States are helping the families.

The total number of Brazilians arriving illegally in the United States started to increase from 2015, but has always remained at low levels. The largest peak in seizures made by the American Border Patrol was in 2019, when it reached 18,000 cases.

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