– Russia will pay a heavy price if it launches a large-scale attack, but it will cost a little for a small attack

Washington, Kyiv: US President Joe Biden predicted on Wednesday that Russia would not only invade Ukraine, but would also pay a heavy price for launching a large-scale invasion. If he leaves here, he will have to pay less.

Asked by reporters at a White House press conference, Biden said, “I can’t say for sure.” What would other western countries say?

Asked about Russian President Putin, he said: “I think he has to move forward (because) he has to do something. If Russia attacks, he will be responsible. Now it all depends on whether What do they do. But if there is a small invasion (here and there) we have to think about what we should and shouldn’t do, but if they do what they can, it’s a disaster for Russia. There will be a great tragedy.

Despite Russia’s deployment of 100,000 troops to Ukraine’s border, its officials have repeatedly said they will not invade Russia. On the other hand, the West maintains that Russia has deployed troops along its border to threaten Ukraine to prevent Ukraine from joining the NATO grouping. Russia, another country bordering Ukraine, has also taken a stand against Ukraine.