Biden calls on journalist to apologize after insulting

Washington: Whether it is India or America, the proof of the blackness of crows everywhere was given to US President Joe Biden. Biden lost control and was relieved after a reporter questioned inflation. The reporter was also stunned by Biden’s attitude. However, Biden later called the journalist and expressed condolences.

President Joe Biden lost his cool when a journalist asked him about it when inflation in the United States hit a four-decade high. Instead of answering the journalist’s question about inflation, he called it Son of the Beach in a muffled voice.

According to reports, Biden was discussing the economy with his advisers. Journalist Peter Decoy asked Biden if he would react to inflation. Do you think inflation will be a political responsibility after the 203 mid-term elections?

Biden sarcastically says that this would be a really big asset. Then he utters abusive words. The journalists were talking about the impact of this year’s mid-term elections on inflation. Biden was furious at that. Inflation in the US rose sharply in December. Inflation in the US is at a four-decade high.

Peter Decoy also made a statement after the video of the incident went viral. He said he received a call from Biden a few hours after the incident. In which he said that he did not personally feel wrong in his question.