Telegram, the messaging app that stands out among many others for the number of features it offers, has been updated with even more improvements. Improvements that include offering video stickers, improving reactions to messages or improving navigation between recent conversations, among others.

A constantly evolving and improving application

In version 8.5.1 of Telegram, which we can now download from the App Store for our iPhone and iPad, the messaging application brings several interesting novelties. In addition to the usual bug fixes, the app offers the following improvements:

Video stickers: Now, in addition to the stickers we already know from the app, we can create our own from normal videos. Stickers that will maintain efficiency standards and continue to weigh less than 30 KB, but that we can customize to our liking. If we are satisfied with the result, we can publish our pack via the @Stickers bot. Reaction improvements: Reactions (just coming to WhatsApp) now have more compact animations, so they don’t get in the way of the conversation. If we want to send a bigger effect during the reaction, we just have to hold down the menu section. A feature that joins the indicator of unexamined reactions, on which we can press to locate us at the moment of the conversation when someone has reacted to a message without us seeing it. Interactive emojis and new reactions: In addition to the improvements we have just mentioned, this version of Telegram also adds new reactions. These reactions, if we wish, can be sent as interactive emojis in individual conversations. Navigating between recent chats: after jumping between different chats, either by automatically switching to the unread channel or by selecting an individual person in the group chat, we can press and hold the “Back” button to return to the exact chat that we want .

In terms of improvements and bug fixes, Telegram has improved call quality, added translation capability for Quick View pages, ability to send mute messages from the share menu, and more.

It is clear that Telegram has spent years focusing on offering the best cross-platform messaging app on the market and thus attracting users. An app that stands out for the number of features, the pace of updates, its cloud storage and, in general, the quality of its development. An app that is now even better.