Google TV arrived with the recent Chromecast with Google TV and is gradually gaining traction in the TV market. Philips is the latest to announce the jump and while rumors are circulating about a new Chromecast with Google TV, one must refer to the new functions that will come to the operating system.

Google TV is the successor operating system to Android TV. Now, models with the latest version of the latest Google operating system will receive updates through the Play Store. This is a “restricted mode” for Google TV, “Google TV Channels” and “My List” in child profiles.

More content and better managed

New discoveries during the analysis of the source code of the application in its version 1.0.4233. Google TV reveals how “restricted mode” will arrive, an option that will allow the user to prevent adult content from being displayed on the home screen, by disabling autoplay. A possibility that will only affect free content and is similar to that which appears on YouTube and YouTube Music.

Another novelty is also related to the smallest. It’s the arrival of “My list” on child profiles. Although we don’t have it here yet, in March 2021 Kids Profiles were coming to Google TV in the US and now comes the ability to create a list of favorite content in the Kids Profile. A way to have your favorite series and movies in order.

The third improvement that has been spotted is “Google TV Channels”. If we have already seen how Google TV will also offer free channels thanks to its integration with Pluto TV, with “Google TV Channels” it is suggested that Google could add its own free channels to complete the Pluto TV offer as a starting point point for future services that will start “streaming” on Google TV.

Hopefully, if they come to fruition, these three new features will make their way to Chromecast with Google TV and the latest TVs from Sony, TCL and Hisense, not to mention the supposed new Chromecast that Google is working on and may be announced in the E. /SGoogle.

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