August is the time for Perseid Meteor Shower, but this year, the moon will be full on 8th and 9th of August and it will hinder us from viewing the shooting star. If you are wondering where would be ideal place to visit this month then the city that tops the list is Tucson, Arizona.

Though known for its hot weather and desert surroundings, this city provides one of the best locations in US to view Perseid Meteor Shower because of its altitude. The city lies on a plateau at an elevation of about 1,100 feet above sea level where there are fewer obstructions from the atmosphere.

According to Dr James Garvin, NASA chief scientist for Earth Observations, Tucson is in a “sweet spot.”

With less pollutants and moisture in the air, it offers one of the best locations in US to view Perseid Meteor Shower .  The reason behind such fewer amount of pollutants is because of Tucson gets very little rainfall and because is situated on a plateau, there are fewer sources for pollutants. Moreover, the city has no tall buildings or light pollution which further decreases the chances of moisture or dust in the air to obstruct your view.

Although the best time to view meteor shower is after midnight when from 8pm to 12am are good hours, you can try to watch it during the daylight as well.

Pinal Peak and Mount Bigelow parks have a high elevation where the sky will be darker and less light pollution that will provide binoculars or telescopes for better viewing.  However, for novice you can just enjoy the show while looking at with naked eyes.

There are many States in US that are good to view Perseid Meteor Shower but only few have been mentioned. Some of the best States for viewing perseid meteor shower include Arizona, California, New Mexico, and Wyoming.  They all offer dark skies that will provide binoculars or telescopes to watch the show with.  However, you can look up the best locations in your state from NASA website.

If you live on eastern coast of US, it is better to try watch this show somewhere away from city lights such as watching Perseid Meteor Shower at dark skies in open air that will surely provide a great view and memorable experience. You could install apps on your phone to provide you with information about the meteor shower.

Go and enjoy this beautiful experience. Check out some early August perseid meteor shower photos.