From El Corte Inglés they have taken the opportunity to launch one of their latest campaigns to save us VAT on selected products. This means that we will find a good discount in several categories through their website, mobile application and physical stores. We recently published a similar article focusing on the best TV deals.

In this article, we wanted to round up some of the offerings still available in the sound category. So, below these lines you will find some of the best discounts on speakers and soundbars. This promotion ends on Saturday, January 29 at 11:59 p.m.


Deals on speakers and soundbars


Great discount for this LG portable speaker, which has a very elegant design and we can place it anywhere in the house thanks to the fact that it is completely wireless. It has 120W of power and 360 degree omnidirectional sound. Plus, it offers up to 10 hours of battery life and has RGB lighting to set the mood. It can be purchased at a price of 205.77 euros against the usual 399 euros.

LG XBOOM 360 RP4 portable speaker

LG OK55 one body

Good discount for this high voltage speaker from LG. Designed for parties, this system has a total power of 500 W, in addition to integrating RGB LED lighting. Among its connections we find XLR ports for microphone, auxiliary input and USB. It can be found at a price of 189.25 euros against the usual 279 euros.

LG OK55 One Body High Voltage Speaker, 500W

Hisense HS218

Good offer for this Hisense soundbar, with a power of up to 200 W and a 2.1 channel system. This bar is compatible with Dolby Audio and includes a wireless subwoofer that connects via Bluetooth. In addition, it supports HDMI ARC, 3.5mm jack and USB connections. It can be found at a price of 106.61 euros against the usual 199 euros.

Hisense HS218 2.1ch 200W RMS Dolby Audio Bluetooth Soundbar

Sony HT-ZF9

Huge discount for this Sony soundbar. It has a 3.1-channel system and a power of up to 400W. The bar is compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, being able to provide 7.1.2 surround sound. In addition, it has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, being able to transmit audio completely wirelessly. This bar also integrates HDMI ARC, optical input and USB. It can be found at a price of 495.01 euros against the usual 799 euros.

Sony HT-ZF9 3.1 Hi-Res soundbar, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth


Huge discount for this LG soundbar. It has a total power of 520 W and incorporates a wireless subwoofer. This 5.1.2 system is also compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, and it is possible to transmit audio wirelessly via WiFi and Bluetooth. The bar supports HDMI eARC, USB connections and is compatible with Google and Alexa assistants. It can be found at a price of 577.65 euros, against the usual 899 euros.

LG SP9YA 520W Soundbar, 5.1.2ch, MERIDIAN, Dolby Atmos, Hi-Res, Wi-Fi


With a more compact form factor, we find this LG soundbar on sale. It offers a total output of 360W, and it’s a Dolby Atmos and DTS:X compatible 3.1.2 system. The bar incorporates a wireless subwoofer and supports Bluetooth and WiFi connections. In addition, it has HDMI eARC and USB ports. It can be found at a price of 453.69 euros, against the usual 699 euros.

LG QP5W 360W Compact Soundbar, 3.1.2ch, Dolby Atmos, White, Low Vibration Subwoofer


Good discount for this LG bar. It has a total power of 300 W, and it is a 2.1 channel system with wireless subwoofer and compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS Digital Surround. The bar can stream audio wirelessly via Bluetooth and has optical connections. It can be found at a price of 131.40 euros against the usual 199 euros.

LG SL4 300W Soundbar, Dual Digital, Bluetooth 4.0

Hisense HS312

Good deal for this Hisense soundbar. With a total power of 300 W, this 3.1 system has a wireless subwoofer and compatibility with Dolby Atmos, Dolby TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus. In addition, it is able to transmit audio wirelessly via Bluetooth and integrates HDMI ARC, USB, optical and coaxial connections. It can be found at a price of 214.04 euros against the usual 329 euros.

Hisense HS312 Soundbar, 3.1, Bluetooth and Wireless Subwoofer


Good deal for this LG soundbar. This 2.1 system has a total power of 100 W, and is also Dolby Digital compatible. With a side finish that simulates wood, this bar features Bluetooth connections for wireless audio transfer and HDMI ARC and USB ports. It can be found at a price of 123.13 euros against the usual 179 euros.

LG SP2 Soundbar 100W, 2.1ch, ECO Design, AI Sound Pro, Dolby Digital, TV Sound Sharing, Dark Grey/Cherry

Sonos Beam Multiroom

Good discount for this Sonos soundbar. It includes four full-range woofers, three passive radiators and a tweeter. Additionally, the bar can be set up completely wireless, with Bluetooth and WiFi connections for this. Along with that, it offers HDMI ARC, Optical, Ethernet connections and is compatible with Google, Siri and Alexa voice assistants. It can be found at a price of 304.94 euros against the usual 449 euros.

Sonos Beam Multiroom Soundbar White

More offers

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