For Ben Shapiro, President Joe Biden’s choice is clear: to show weakness on the external scene and foster internal interventionism. Photo: SHAWN THEW / EFE

In November 2009, Charles Krauthammer gave a lecture entitled “Decadence is a choice”. In it, Krauthammer said that “the question of the decadence or not of the United States cannot be answered affirmatively or negatively. (…) Nothing is inevitable. Nothing is written. For the United States today, rot is not a condition. Decadence is a choice ”.

Last week, President Joe Biden opted for decadence. The choice was not inevitable. It was an extremely stupid choice, symptomatic of Biden’s attachment to his ideology – an ideology that has hit the wall of reality in Afghanistan.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump wanted to withdraw the United States from Afghanistan, but both realized the reality of the situation: withdrawing American support for Afghan troops would mean the return of the Taliban, the terrorist regime responsible for supporting Osama bin Laden and Al-Quaïda.

Biden knew that. But he didn’t care. As he would have said in 2010, speaking to Richard Holbrooke about the American responsibility in Afghanistan: “To hell! We don’t have to worry about it. We did the same in Vietnam and Nixon and Kissinger are unharmed.

Thus, Biden destroyed the offensive in Afghanistan which allowed the US counterterrorism mission in that country to continue.

The Afghan army was created to operate with American air support. Biden withdrew that support. In fact, he even banned US suppliers from entering the country to help the Afghan Air Force maintain the equipment. He injured the Afghan army and then blamed it for leaving the battlefield.

And Biden lied. He lied when he said Afghanistan represented an “eternal war” responsible for the “endless rows of headstones at Arlington National Cemetery”. In fact, the United States ended the fighting in Afghanistan in 2014 and had only 2,500 troops before Biden’s impromptu retreat and had not suffered any casualties since February.

Biden hinted his hands were tied by a deal between the Trump administration and the Taliban, although he had no problem circumventing Trump’s accords and despite the Taliban’s failure to comply with either of the requirements contained in the agreement with Trump.

And he lied when he said that the collapse of the Afghan army was the result of the people’s unwillingness. The Afghan armed forces have suffered 55,000 casualties since 2015, while NATO forces have suffered none.

But why did Biden do all of this? Because American power is not a priority for him. He wants to reduce the country’s presence on the world stage. He wants the United States to focus on creating a Nordic-style welfare state and an incendiary racial project.

The result of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan will be a resurgence of the terrorist threat as our enemies realize that we are paper tigers, Chinese violence against Taiwan and the rapprochement between China and the Taliban, and further offensives from Russia. and Iran.

Foreign policy abhors a vacuum. And Biden created an intentional power vacuum. By abandoning a two-decade ally, Biden sends yet another message to the world: those with American backing can no longer count on him. They had better establish pragmatic relations with America’s enemies.

Meanwhile, Biden promotes the American hospice. With the economy under inflationary pressure, he continues to promote trillions in public spending, more rights and a total reform of relations between individuals and government.

If there is a Biden Doctrine, that doctrine goes like this: surrender abroad and interventionism within borders. Rot is an option. And Biden chose that.

Ben Shapiro is the host of the “Ben Shapiro Show” and is senior editor of The Daily Wire.

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