Sputnik and AFP

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, January 21, 2022, p. 23

Beijing. The Chinese armed forces denounced yesterday that the American destroyer Benfold entered the territorial waters of the Asian country in the South China Sea without authorization.

The military spokesman, Tian Junli, added on the WeChat social network that the Chinese warships expelled the intruder from the area and stressed that this behavior by the Americans is further proof that they are trying to militarize the South China Sea.

The facts clearly show that the United States is the origin of the security risks in the area, as well as the greatest agitator of peace and stability in the region, he stressed, adding that his country demands that Washington immediately cease its acts of provocation or you will have to bear the consequences.

For decades, Beijing has had a territorial dispute with several neighboring countries over the islands in the South China Sea.

Significant hydrocarbon reserves were discovered at the site, especially on the Xisha (Paracelsus), Nansha (Spratly) and Huangyan (Scarborough Reef) islands.

Vietnam, Brunei, Malaysia and the Philippines are involved in the dispute to a greater or lesser extent.

In this context, China and Russia blocked in the Security Council of the United Nations Organization the request that the United States presented last week to sanction five North Koreans whom it accuses of being related to Pyongyang’s weapons program, after the recent missile launches by North Korea, diplomats told the AFP news agency.

China’s blockade took place two hours before a new closed-door meeting of the Security Council on North Korea, requested by Washington.

Russia also joined in opposing the US proposal.

According to UN regulations, this blockade will last six months. When it ends, any country on the Security Council can extend it for three months, and then one more day, before the proposal disappears from the UN table.

With Beijing, Moscow has long followed a policy of not putting pressure on Pyongyang, and has even called for the relaxation of international sanctions for humanitarian reasons.