Apple released a new firmware update for the Beats Studio Buds yesterday. An update of which we did not have much more information until after testing it, it turns out to bring important news. Now the earbuds get iCloud pairing and new volume controls, among other things.

Some Beats closer to AirPods

Until yesterday the Beats Studio Buds were running firmware 9M6599, now after its update we are moving to 10M359. An update that, like those of the AirPods, is usually favored by loading the case of the headphones with them inside near our iPhone or iPad.

Although at first we did not even know if this version would have visible novelties, it turns out that Apple has decided to implement several improvements. After the update, we can enjoy immediate pairing via iCloud. A feature that syncs Bluetooth settings data through our iCloud account so that any of our devices can quickly connect to Beats.

Now, when we hold the charging earbud open near the iPhone, the battery pop-up appears on the screen, a feature we already know from our AirPods and now comes to the Studio Buds. Finally, Apple has added a customization option so that we can use the “b” button on the headphones to increase or decrease the playback volume.

As we can see, these are quite interesting changes that bring new features to the headphones that could well mark the future design of the AirPods Pro 2. Much better headphones thanks to a firmware update that we have probably already installed. on our headphones.