WhatsApp used iOS emojis on Android until 2017 when it created its own emojis, available in both versions of WhatsApp. The latest beta of WhatsApp for Android adds 24 emojis, based on the latest added in iOS 14.5.

Some of the new emojis that you can send with WhatsApp Beta include the heart on fire, the woman with the beard, the face in the clouds and various combinations of couples. These are emojis that were added in Emoji 13.1 and have been on Google Pixels since late last year.

More emojis for WhatsApp

There are never enough emoticons, so from time to time Unicode increases the list of emoticons, which are then incorporated into new versions of the operating system and applications that use theirs, such as WhatsApp. With the beta of WhatsApp for Android, available in the beta program of Google Play, 24 new emojis are coming to WhatsApp.

Among the additions are Heart on Fire, Heart Bound, Face in Clouds, Face Exhaling, Face with Spiral Eyes, and Man and Woman with Beard. There are also new combinations of pairs, although not including all of the skin tone combinations found in iOS 14.5.

Some of the new emojis in WhatsApp

As a cross-platform app, WhatsApp displays the exact same emojis in its Android and iOS versions, and every once in a while you need to make them consistent so that neither version gets left behind. In this beta version of WhatsApp for Android are several of the new emojis built into iOS 14.5, all members of Emoji 13.1.

You will be able to send these emojis immediately if you have the beta version of WhatsApp, although the recipient of the message will not be able to see them if they have not also installed this latest version of WhatsApp. These emojis are expected to eventually hit the official version for WhatsApp and WhatsApp Web and for PC in the coming weeks.

Via | WaBetaInfo