Among all the social networks that currently exist, there is one that stands out for the curiosity of its mechanics: BeReal. In this one the photos are shared, they are also commented. But its operation is radically different: the publication time is random and there are only two minutes left to capture the image. Once a day.

Authenticity is fading on social networks to make way for what is known as “gesticulation”. We choose the best light to take the photos, we prepare the scene, the framing and we even prepare the dishes just so that they look good in the update of the quarter. But what if it was the social network that imposed the rules so that everything shared there is as authentic as possible?

Be real. is as authentic as a social network can be

The name chosen by the company for its social network is not chosen at random because this is precisely what it proposes with the mechanics: that its users are real, authentic, BeReal. plans to eliminate all imposture so that users show themselves as they really are. Add to that a certain dose of emotion, fun and improvisation.

Let’s forget preparations, arrangements and schedules: we will only have two minutes to take the photo that we will share on the social network and, in addition, all our friends will do it at the same time. This implies that there is no option to choose the best place for the scene, nor to dress up: when the time comes, and whenever we want to share our status, we will take the snapshot as we go. measure. More or less, there is always room for advance preparation.

Be real. it does not allow to download photos from the gallery, it does not share videos and you can only use the camera of the application; which limits the options and possibilities without this being a problem, quite the contrary. Everything is done for spontaneity.

Be real. It is a social network that does not require too much time because it does not offer much content to view either: the news arrives at a specific time and is always unknown

The social network does not yet have an exaggerated number of users, which limits its reach and capacity. It also has a classic drawback: the telephone number is essential for reporting. This number is not shared with users because we also have to choose a name that represents us. And it doesn’t include any weird permissions: the location one is optional.

Share spontaneous photos with the front and rear cameras merged into the same image, view the images of friends and also those of the public, BeReal. It doesn’t take too long (there won’t be new images until the network announces the time to upload them) and it’s appealing thanks to the curiosity its use arouses. It also works as a messaging app (if you really need it).

Free, ad-free and “real”

The bet of this social network is risky since it limits two of the reasons for which this type of service has proliferated: notoriety and dependence. Be real. We don’t take long to see the updates, it brings freshness and it’s in full expansion. These are also qualities that work against you, however.

Be real. has a public section called Discovery: anything not shared privately can be seen by the rest of the app users

Be real. It is available for Android and also for iPhone. It costs nothing, has no ads, and doesn’t require too much of your time. The less is curious.

Be real. Real like your friends.