One of the most anticipated first-person shooter games on Android is about to hit the first devices: Battlefield Mobile will land first on Google’s operating system. As the franchise owner EA has confirmed, the mobile title will begin testing in the fall, it will be free, in-app purchases will be cosmetic, and it will be developed specifically for smartphones.

The Battlefield saga is a real veteran on PC and consoles, it is not for nothing that it has become a benchmark for FPS. After several titles in their holsters, and with an expected renewal that is about to land on specialty video game platforms, EA has not only confirmed an exclusive version of Battlefield for mobile phones, but has also argued that it will be unique for this platform. And we already have a lot more details.

“Soft Launch” on Android for fall 2021

The usual thing in large-scale games is for companies to use the testing tools that Google makes available to developers to make sure everything is working fine before they hit the market. In this sense, EA already has a sufficiently advanced copy of Battlefield Mobile. As he confirmed on his page, it is about to see the light of day.

The person in charge of EA’s social media administration was dispatched to the company’s website, advancing notable details surrounding the launch of Battlefield Mobile. This game maintains the estimated release dates for 2022, but EA will offer preview access in select countries starting in the fall of this year 2021. Specifically, the “phased launch” will begin in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Battlefield Mobile will be a free FPS that will rely on purchases as a monetization model. EA has already confirmed that all micropayments will be cosmetic: that users paying money will not imply that they get any advantages over the rest of the players. This is the usual trend in newer mobile shooters.

The long-awaited title will be exclusive to mobiles and will not offer cross-play with other platforms. EA has confirmed that testing will begin on the “Grand Bazaar” map and in Conquest, the classic Battlefield mode. The content included will be much more extensive once the game is finally released.

You will have to wait to get your hands on Battlefield Mobile, but not too long either: EA has confirmed that there is very little left in the game. It should soon be available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store.

Battlefield ™ Mobile

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