Berlin (dpa) – Comedian Bastian Pastewka lost his new job as showmaster in the first broadcast, but can expect a good quota and a lot of praise.

Singer Shirin David buttoned Pastewka in the “Who steals the show?” Quiz Tuesday evening, finally, the role of host and is now in charge of the whole for next week.

At the end of the day, the last question was, “Who painted a dozen sunflowers in a vase in 1888?” decided. Shirin David was right with “Van Gogh”. In the format, the showmaster must defend his position against four candidates. Pastewka has found unanimous praise for his moderation on social media.

Comedian Teddy Teclebrhan will launch his next attack next Tuesday at 8:15 p.m. – not to mention series inventor Joko Winterscheidt. Also the spectator Nico, who is allowed to participate with a joker, then hopes for the big blow.

A total of 1.59 million (6.6%) ProSieben connected. For the target group of 14-49 year olds, which is important for advertising sales, the audience rate of 16.8 percent was even more than twice as high. In this age group, it was the most successful show at 8:15 p.m. Even compared to the previous week, the show gained more viewers.

In the general audience, the first of the evening was in the lead. There, the lawyer series “Die Kanzlei” with Sabine Postel and Herbert Knaup had 3.71 million viewers (13.9%). After that, 4.23 million (15.8%) saw the series of doctors “In Go Freund”. With the ZDF documentary “Finally cruising again – Full steam ahead from the crisis?” 2.73 million (10.3%) spent the evening.

ZDFneo had the regional thriller “Friesland: Dirty Deals” starring Sophie Dal and Maxim Mehmet – 1.67 million (6.2%) watched it on screen. The RTL dating show “Take Me Out – XXL” with Jan Köppen grossed 1.38 million (5.4%) to turn on. The Vox documentary series “Hot or Schrott – Die Allestester” was watched by 980,000 people (3.7%).

The Sat.1 reality show “Lifesaver up close – When every second counts” drew 860,000 people (3.4%) to their homes. The American comedy “Click” starring Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale and Christopher Walken on Kabel Eins watched 610,000 (2.4%). RTLzwei’s report “Back to work – can we do it?” had 450,000 viewers (1.7 percent).