“Do you understand the fun?” Is one of the most traditional programs on German television. Guido Cantz moderated for twelve years. Barbara Schöneberger is now taking over – and is expected to drive the classic in the future.

Stuttgart / Baden-Baden (dpa) – Artist Barbara Schöneberger will present “Do you understand pleasure?” in the future. The Südwestrundfunk (SWR) announced this on Tuesday.

Schöneberger is funny, quick-witted and natural and fits in perfectly with the show. The first Saturday night show with the new host is scheduled to air on April 2, 2022 in the premiere.

For them, a childhood dream will come true with the new task, Schöneberger is quoted in the message. She really looks forward to the faces of people who are going to cheat on her. “Nice side effect: I can’t do it anymore.” The 47-year-old hosts various television and radio programs and is also known as the host of award ceremonies.

Together with Schöneberger, the SWR also wants to further develop the concept of the program. “Do you understand the fun?” Has long since become a multimedia brand. Over 1.3 million people follow the pranks with the hidden camera on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. According to officials, television and the digital world should be more closely linked in the future. SWR is producing the Saturday night show for the premiere.

“Do you understand the fun?” Has been an integral part of television entertainment in Germany for over 40 years. And already had a presenter: Paola Felix. She hosted the show alongside her husband Kurt Felix from 1983 to 1990. Several successors followed, including Harald Schmidt and Dieter Hallervorden. In 2010, Guido Cantz succeeded Frank Elstner. He will moderate the pranks with the hidden camera for the last time just before Christmas.