The joy of the art of the mysterious street artist Banksy in the once popular English seaside resorts is first great. But soon after, one of the graffiti became a target for vandalism.

Great Yarmouth (AP) – The mysterious British street artist Banksy has engaged in a number of works recently appeared on the English North Sea coast.

Over the past few days, murals matching the artist’s style have popped up in towns like Great Yarmouth, Gorleston and Cromer. These included a couple dancing above a bus stop, a young boy building sandcastles, and a number of hermit crabs.

However, one of the images became a target of vandalism soon after. As you can see in the photos, someone had painted a Banksy depiction of a rat drinking cocktails in a lounge chair in the town of Lowestoft with white paint.

East Suffolk District Council was “horrified” on Sunday, but said it would have the artwork restored. The company is in contact with specialists and hopes this will be successful, according to a post on the East Suffolk Council website. The assailant was also caught fresh by security guards. It may have been avoided worse. Police were also involved.

Banksy put an end to speculation about the origin of the pictures on Friday night by posting a video of his appearance on Instagram. It shows an unidentifiable person driving the caravan from one place to another.

The title of the video is “A Great British Spraycation” – a pun between Staycation (vacation home) and Spray – Banksy’s preferred way of working. Sometimes you can also observe how the works of art are created.

The English North Sea coast – compared to the Netherlands, so to speak – was once a popular holiday destination for many Britons, but it has lagged economically for decades and is now rather poor.