The US is keeping an eye on any kind of terrorist threat at the airport, even if the threat is from ISIS there.

New Delhi Date. Saturday, August 21, 2021

Following the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, President Biden has once again demonstrated his commitment to the war on terrorism. He said the US would focus on counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan. He said that if the Taliban dared to attack American troops, there would be a strong and strong response.

President Biden said, “I have always said that we are going to maintain a laser focus on our counter-terrorism mission, working in close coordination with our allies, allies and all those interested in ensuring stability in the region.” Huh.”

US President Joe Biden has promised to bring back American citizens stranded in Afghanistan. “We’ll take you home,” he told the Americans stranded in Afghanistan. “We will not tolerate a Taliban attack on US troops,” he warned.

Biden said the US would continue its counter-terrorism campaign in Afghanistan. Biden made the remarks at a conference at the White House on Friday. “We have made it clear to the Taliban that any attack on American troops at Kabul airport or obstruction of American operations will be met with a strong response,” he said.

They said they were keeping a watch on any terrorist threat at the airport. Even if there is no threat from ISIS. The United States is conducting a massive operation at Kabul airport to protect Americans and others from the Taliban.