Students and teachers are already preparing to return to school. A time when Apple devices are still gaining in importance thanks to the tools they give us for teaching and learning. Recognizing this, Apple has created several resources and discounts for schoolchildren, teachers, and college students.

Guides and ideas for the youngest

For the youngest, Apple highlights the iPad and the Mac as the main learning tools. Some devices we can buy at a 5% and 10% discount respectively as students. To start the activity on these devices, Apple offers us four free digital activity guides for parents and children:

30 Creative Activities for Kids: A PDF document with various creative activities that girls and boys ages 4-8 can do with their iPad and iPhone. One way to develop learning under the direction of the family. 30 most creative activities for kids: a resource that, only in the first month of its launch, has accumulated millions of downloads thanks to its focus and versatility. Designed for young people between 8 and 12 years old and particularly focused on mastering the language. A quick start to coding: Through 10 challenges in Swift Playgrounds, this guide supports students in developing their first programming skills. Augmented Reality Activities: Designed for people over 8 years old, this kit contains ideas for exploring the world in augmented reality, from knowing the ocean floor to seeing rockets land.

Educational resources for teachers

Apple Teacher is a free learning program designed for teachers to integrate technology into their classrooms. A program that can serve as an inspiration as the school year approaches or as an introduction for those new to Mac or iPad use in the classroom.

In line with these ideas, Apple launched a new creativity challenge for teachers a week ago. A challenge that has led educators around the world to share tips on how they are using different devices for teaching. A great idea to help teachers inspire and strengthen the creativity of young people.

College discounts, freebies and quick start guides

For college students, Apple is also preparing ideas and discounts. Underline here the gift of some AirPods (worth 179 euros) for the purchase of an iPad or a Mac. A gift that comes with three months free of Apple Music, Apple TV + and Apple Arcade and a 20% discount if you want to buy AppleCare +.

Along with this promotion, let’s remember that Apple applies special discounts on all educational products. Macs get 10% off, iPad Pro and iPad mini 5%, Apple Pencil 10%, and some accessories 8%.

Finally, Apple has developed a quick guide of 5 tips to get the most out of our new iPad or Mac in different situations. A way to comfortably enter the world of Apple so that our new devices are of maximum use to us inside and outside the classroom.