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coral reef

Climate change poses a major danger to coral reef

The Coral Reef is in crisis and suffering the terrible impact of climate change. according to a report by IPCC with regular and severe coral bleaching caused by rising ocean temperatures. The adolescent snorkeler was startled by the sea’s quiet which was quickly followed by horror as she noticed the coral below had lost its […]

Baba Wanga

No one will be able to halt Russia, Baba Wanga 

Russia’s attacks on Ukraine have drawn international attention, as Bulgaria’s blind astrologer Baba Wanga predicted years ago. Who was Baba Wanga? In the Bulgarian language, ‘Baba’ is called an old wise lady. This astrologer, known as Baba Wanga, became blind in an accident. Baba Wanga was born in January 1911 in Bulgaria and was a […]


China’s five-point policy on the Russia-Ukraine conflict

The Chinese Foreign Minister and State Counselor spoke on phone with UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, European Union Director for Foreign Affairs Mr. Borrell, and French Political Coordinator Mr. Bonne, correspondingly. They conducted lengthy discussions, with a special emphasis on the Ukraine problem. China’s perspective on the Russia-Ukraine issue as expressed by Chinese officials can […]

Rooftop rescues

Rooftop rescues in Australia during the extreme rainfall

Hundreds of thousands of Australians were forced to escape their homes yesterday when torrential rain caused floodwaters to reach record levels, trapping many on their roofs. Eight people have died. the country’s weather office has warned that more severe thunderstorms and heavy rain will result in life-threatening major flooding across a large section of the […]


CMovies Review-All You need to know about it

With a streaming movie website like Cmovies hd, you can watch your favorite TV series and download them for free. With the site, users have the choice of watching live streaming movies on their phone or computer and TVs with high-definition (HD) capabilities. The site may not be a comprehensive movie streaming platform but with […]

fatal to the flesh

Fatal to The Flesh website review in 2022

Did you know that technology has something for you to calm up your frustrations and anxious thoughts? Fatal to the flesh is the right platform for teenagers and people struggling with their hectic lives. People who destroy expensive things present in their house out of anger fatal to the flesh are an excellent alternative for […]