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Zelensky dismisses two generals

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky fired two senior officials on charges of being “traitors” and announced that they would be punished. Zelensky , who said that generals Andriy Olehovich and Serhiy Oleksandrovich from the Ukraine Security Service “betrayed” their promise to defend the country , took the titles of generals. While this was Zelenski’s first public […]


FETO bribe to British prince

Britain is awash with allegations that Prince Andrew took a bribe from a Turk. It is alleged that Nebahat Evyap İşbilen, the wife of former deputy İlhan İşbilen, who was arrested for FETÖ, bribed the Prince 750 thousand pounds for the British passport. It Has Been Claimed That Prince Andrew , Duke Of York, Whose […]


Mine collapsed in Serbia: 8 dead

After the collapse of the state-owned Soko coal mine in southern Serbia, 8 workers were killed and 20 injured. A collapse occurred in the Soko coal mine in the town of Aleksinac, 200 kilometers from Serbia ‘S Capital Belgrade. Following the intervention of many first aid and rescue teams who came to the region after […]


Putin told Tokayev about the course of the special operation in Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin told his Kazakh counterpart Kassym-Jomart Tokayev about the progress of the special operation in Ukraine. The politicians also exchanged views on the Russian-Ukrainian negotiations. “A common understanding was expressed of the exceptional importance of reaching agreements on a neutral, non-bloc, non-nuclear status of Ukraine,” the press service of the President of […]

Black Sea

Marine mines threaten trade routes in the Black Sea

Places bathed by the Black Sea have discovered floating naval mines in recent weeks. Russia and Ukraine blame each other for their deployment, while the exact number is not yet known. The Turkish Navy announced that it has disarmed several naval mines floating in the Black Sea since last weekend. One of the neutralized mines was located […]


26 million people will be tested in China

In Shanghai, the financial center of China, nucleic acid testing will be applied to the entire city of approximately 26 million people, after the increasing number of cases due to the Omicron mutation. In Shanghai, China, The Covid-19 alarm was issued. Due to the increasing number of cases caused by the Omicron mutation, in the […]