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The EU and China have agreed to work together on anti-terrorism activities.

China and Europe will intensify their information-sharing cooperation in the fight against terrorism, corruption, and other serious crimes, which are at the top of both sides’ security agendas. China’s Ministry of Public Security and the European Security Officer officially signed Both sides are actively following their domestic legislation as part of the proposed agreement. Members […]

No-Fly zone

No-Fly zone – NATO Weak Stance?

When Russia violated neighboring Ukraine, it relied on all attainable resources to preserve itself. Before the expected time, Kyiv wanted allure airspace and asserted a no-fly zone. According to a recent poll by an overseas press service in the United States, 74% of the people want Ukraine’s airspace to be asserted a no-fly area, while […]


China will speed up its innovation-driven progress.

According to the Government Work Report, China will strengthen efforts this year to encourage innovation-driven growth in 2022, with a particular focus on encouraging research and engineering innovation as well as industrial upgrading. Li Keqiang stated in Beijing on Friday during the commencement of the fifth session of the 13th National People’s Congress., the country’s […]

Shane Warne

Shane Warne Departs to Eternal world

Veteran Australian spinner Shane Warne passed away due to heart failure at the age of 52. Despite the medical team trying its best to save Shane Warne, he could not survive the heart attack. He played 145 Test matches for his country and sent 708 batters to the pavilion. Shane Warne played 194 One Day […]

true sense of Islam

The goal is to return to the true sense of Islam, MBS

Saudi Crown Sovereign Mohammed container Salman has said that our objective is to return to genuine and unique and true sense of Islam. In Saudi Arabia, there’s now not an imposing business model of any devout point of view. The Saudi Crown Sovereign communicated these sees in a select meet with the American magazine Atlantic. […]

Human rights

A UN jury will investigate wartime human rights abuses.

Making a political victory for Ukraine, Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Un Human Rights Council voted to establish a high-level interrogation into the violations committed. Despite Kyiv’s petitions for immediate measures to stop Russian missile attacks, NATO declined to enforce a no-fly territory over the war-torn country, a setback for the war-torn country. Almost […]