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Few answers available on future of Manomet’s only supermarket

Where will Manometians go for groceries when Stop & Shop shutters early next month? The imminent closure of  Manomet’s sole grocery store, seems to be shrouded in a bit of mystery. Manomet Stop & Shop employees say the store’s closure was “a corporate decision” made by Stop & Shop headquarters. According to a  press release from the company,  the facility has slightly more than 25,000 square feet and cannot be expanded to provide additional amenities. (more…) Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Plymouth schools need to improve emergency communications with parents

As you may know, this week a string of bomb threats were made in Plymouth and several other towns throughout the eastern part of the Commonwealth. My husband and I have a daughter in 8th grade at Plymouth South Middle School, one of the schools targeted. To PSMS’s credit, the school sent a voice alert to our home phone and sent out an e-mail notification within a couple of hours of the threat, after officials confirmed that there were no explosives on site. (more…) Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Don’t be Massholes, Manomet

Plymouth has eight elementary schools. All of which have a crossing guard except, up until recently, for the one near where I live in Manomet. Why Indian Brook Elementary School didn’t always have a crossing guard was an anomaly some parents and I had discussed on more than a couple of occasions over the years. Having no crossing guard seemed especially odd since IBES is on busy State Road but is situated in a residential area where many kids could (indeed should) walk to school. For families with kids who live less than two miles away from school, having to pay an annual bus tax of $200-$300 in order to have a child who lives nearby ride the bus really drives home that there are many good reasons to walk instead. Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Why sidewalks matter in Manomet

Manomet needs more and better sidewalks and bike lanes. And those skimpy sidewalks we do have need a commitment to ongoing maintenance and upkeep. We should have, and indeed should demand, a generous sidewalk and a bike lane that runs from Cedarville to Plymouth town center. How many times have you worried for a latent bicyclist or curfew-missing teens or anyone walking after dark or along dimly lit sections of State Road? Especially along the windy power plant portion of the Pine Hills on State Road where motorists have to swerve out to make way for a cyclist of pack of cyclists pedaling up the hills. Continue Reading →

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