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March 23 forum will answer questions on Pilgrim Station closure

On Wednesday, March 23, from 7-9:30 p.m. the Pilgrim Coalition is hosting a public forum at the Plymouth Public Library focused on the closure of Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station and what it means for local communities. The event will include discussions and presentations by a nationally-regarded panel made up of a nuclear engineer and policy experts, experienced with the closures of Yankee Rowe, Connecticut Yankee, and Entergy’s Vermont Yankee plant. (more…) Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Transfer to dry cask storage begins while concerns about unaddressed issues continue

Last month, Entergy began transferring spent fuel from Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s overcrowded wet pool to dry cask storage. Entergy needs to create space in its spent fuel pool  so that spent fuel that is removed from the reactor in the future has a place to cool. Two of the three storage casks wereloaded in January, with each cask containing 68 assemblies; the third cask was loaded the first week of February. The casks will be stored onsite at Pilgrim and are likely to remain in Plymouth for an indefinite period of time, as there is no Federal repository for storage of spent nuclear fuel. (more…) Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Money can’t buy public opinion – or can it?

If you’ve been listening to local radio stations over the past few months you may have heard messages – sponsored by Entergy – promoting Pilgrim as a “clean” and “emission-free” energy source. This campaign, also known as “greenwashing,” is a form of spin in which public relations or marketing firms deceptively promote the perception that an organization’s products, services, aims or policies are environmentally friendly. Nuclear power, despite what the nuclear industry tells you, is not carbon free or “green.” Uranium used to generate power at nuclear power plants must be mined, milled, converted, enriched, converted again and then manufactured into fuel. The process requires the use of fossil fuels, and hence, carbon emissions are the consequence. Additionally, the method currently used to produce most of the uranium enriched fuels necessary to power nuclear energy plants emits substantial amounts of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases. Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Feds need to pressure Pilgrim Station to speed up transfer of spent fuel

Last month, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission  voted  4-1 against requiring the expedited transfer of spent nuclear fuel from wet pool storage to dry cask storage. The NRC’s decision is the result of a post-Fukushima investigation as to whether nuclear power facilities such as Pilgrim should be required to accelerate the transfer of spent to dry cask storage. (more…) Continue Reading →

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OPINION: Vote yes on Question 1 to make Plymouth safer

This Saturday, May 10, the residents of Plymouth will have the chance to make their voices heard regarding the storage of high-level nuclear waste at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station. Question 1 is non-binding and has the support of the Board of Selectmen; in fact, the Board helped draft the wording of the question which reads:

“Should the people of the Town of Plymouth encourage the Town’s government to employ all means available to ensure that spent nuclear fuel generated at the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station be placed in dry cask storage as soon as technologically feasible and consistent with the highest standards and in anticipation of such spent fuel’s ultimate and permanent disposition in a federally sponsored national or regional storage facility, all in order to protect the health, welfare, and economic interests of the Town of Plymouth and its inhabitants?” (more…) Continue Reading →

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