“We all have a lot to lose”: Matthias Politycki strongly criticized the current discussion culture in Germany. The writer drew conclusions for himself.

Hamburg / Vienna (dpa) – Writer Matthias Politycki (“Weiberroman”, “In 180 Days Around the World”) criticizes a stunted discussion culture in Germany, a leftist identity politics and the genesis of the language and is in anger on the situation in Hamburg moved to Vienna.

“We all have a lot to lose and literature is already getting to work,” said the 66-year-old in an interview with “Hamburger Abendblatt” (Saturday edition).

“This is about what we are allowed to write in what formulation and grammar in the future and who is no longer allowed to write due to gender, skin color, origin, orientation sexual, ”Politycki said. “I see the freedom of the imagination, the freedom of thought and language really threatened.”

He urged moderation. “You have to relearn the art of listening. And also that of wild thought, which does not cling to the postural demands of the left and certainly not the right. “

The best-selling author also presented his thoughts in mid-July in the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” in the essay “My Farewell to Germany”. But Politycki does not want to sever all ties with Hamburg, where he previously lived for many years. He told “Hamburger Abendblatt”: “I will come here from Vienna every now and then and hope to bring with me some of the relaxation that is cultivated in everyday life in Vienna.”