The heroine of “The Ladies’ Gambit” can be considered a sexy man’s dream at the Venice Film Festival. But is she really as innocent as she looks? Several strong women surprise at the International Film Festival.

Venice (AP) – It’s such a thing with women. If they are attractive and desirable, a man will hardly complain about them. But unfortunately, women are taking control! Then it might get tight for some men, maybe even life threatening.

This is exactly what is currently being demonstrated at the Venice Film Festival, where women show off in front of and behind the camera and put the men in their place.

Anya Taylor-Joy, known from the Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit”, plays such a mermaid in “Last Night in Soho”. Blonde hair, sensual lips, a breathtaking figure. No wonder men can’t get enough of her – and soon take advantage of her. But does the young woman really have to endure the humiliations? No, thinks British director Edgar Wright (“Shaun of the Dead”) and ignites a feminist and bloody horror drama in his latest work.

What started out as a silent film about underdog Eloise quickly turned into a multi-layered revenge and horror thriller. The young Eloise is currently moving to London to study fashion and finds herself again and again at night in London in the 60s, where she sees the sexy Sandie. Whether it’s dreams or hallucinations, it remains unclear at first, but unfolds and surprises with its blend of retro style and feminine power.

“Last Night in Soho” is thus one of the contributions to this year’s Venice Film Festival that shakes up the distribution of long-standing roles. Penélope Cruz was also not impressed by the behavior of the men in the “Competencia oficial” competition. The Spaniard plays a director in satire who wants to shoot with two stars (one of which is played by Antonio Banderas). The competition and constant power play between the two ultimately annoys the director to such an extent that she simply throws the many prizes of the two alpha animals into the shredder.