– Bloody Celebration of Taliban

On Friday, 41 people were injured in Kabul and 14 in Nangarhar.

The Taliban went crazy in celebration of the capture of Panjshir and barricaded artillery in the air. Twelve people were killed and 31 others injured in the Taliban-held area known as the Taliban’s occupation. While 12 were injured in nearby Nangarhar district.

On the other hand, opponents of the Islamic group, which is consolidating Panjshir and facing the Taliban, say it is wrong for the Taliban to capture Panjshir.

According to Shamshad news agency, 18 people were killed and 31 others were injured in an airstrike in Kabul on Friday. Hollow News Agency gave a similar report on Saturday.

Twelve people were injured in the blasts in Nangarhar’s eastern district of Nangarhar. This was stated by Gulzada Sengar, spokesperson of the hospital in Jalalabad, the main city of the state.

However, Taliban spokesman Zahidullah Mujahid has also sharply criticized the celebration by firing bullets. “Don’t blow, thank God,” the Mujahid tweeted. “Civilians are injured in firing, so don’t explode indiscriminately,” he said in a Twitter message.