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Tarcisio Meira | Photo: Commercial / TV Globo

The actor Tarcísio Meira died this Thursday (12), at the age of 85. He had been hospitalized at Albert Einstein Hospital in Rio de Janeiro, since August 6, diagnosed with Covid-19. His wife, actress Glória Menezes (86), also has the disease, but with mild symptoms. She is still being treated in the same hospital.

Tarcísio Magalhães Sobrinho was the real name of the artist who adopted his mother’s surname, Meira, for his career. He worked for Rede Globo for many years, debuting in the soap opera Sangue e Areia, in 1967, and terminating his contract with the network in 2020, after outstanding performances in soap operas such as O rei do gado. , A favorite, Saramandaia and Velho Chico.

Tarcísio and Glória had been married for almost 60 years and are the parents of actor Tarcísio Filho.