Mesh or mesh network systems are becoming a great alternative to traditional wireless extension cords thanks to their greater versatility and the features with which they cover the whole house under the same network.

This time we bring you the latest ASUS proposal in this sector which will bear the name of ZenWiFi ET8, offering a kit with two adapters capable of creating a wireless network under the WiFi 6E standard and reaching speeds of up to 6 , 6 Gbps.

For this, a triple band system is proposed which operates in 2.4 GHz with 574 Mbps, in 5 GHz with 1,201 Mbps and in 6 GHz with 4,804 Mbps, on channels up to 160 MHz and using 6 hidden internal antennas. under the elegant housing of each adapter.

Of course, they are compatible with previous versions of WiFi and the channel with the highest capacity, 6 GHz, in addition to connecting through cellphones and laptops that will support it in the future, serves as the channel. back to interconnect the two adapters, also giving us the option of the manufacturer to use an Ethernet cable if we have already deployed it.

In this sense, each adapter is well served in connections, since it includes a 2.5 Gbit / s Ethernet port and three other Gigabit to connect equipment and peripherals such as consoles, televisions, players, etc. We also have a USB 3.1 port to connect network hard drives that we want to share around the house.

The equipment is compatible with the functions of ASUS Instant Guard and AiProtection Pro, the latter developed in collaboration with Trend Micro to provide a security system built into the adapters themselves which is responsible for protecting all devices connected to them. In addition, they are also compatible with the manufacturer’s AiMesh system, so that they can be integrated into a larger mesh network which we can configure if we have more branded routers and adapters installed.

Pricing and availability

At this time, the manufacturer has not given more details on possible dates or sale price, which we assume to do last summer.

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