Afghanistan Embassy appeal

When Ashraf left the country, he was accused of possessing a helicopter, four cars and a treasure worth crores.

Kabul: The Afghan Embassy in Tajikistan has appealed to Interpol to arrest former President Ashraf Ghani. The Taliban captured Afghanistan on 15 August 2021. As a result, Ashraf has been accused of fleeing the country with treasury and crores of rupees.

Ashraf had made a lengthy post on Facebook before fleeing Afghanistan. In which Ashraf Ghani said that he is leaving the country to stop the bloodshed in the country. He also said that if he stays here, his supporters will also take to the streets and indulge in riots and violence.

The Afghan Embassy said in a statement to Interpol that Ashraf Ghani, Hamdullah Mohib and Fazal Mahmood Fazli should be arrested for theft of public property so that the funds could be returned to Afghanistan.

It is alleged that Ashraf fled in four cars and a helicopter with the money. A Russian spokesman confirmed the allegations and demanded that he be arrested.