Liverpool have been on the endangered sites list for years. Today, the Bavarian port city has lost its status as a World Heritage Site.

Fuzhou (dpa) – Unesco has withdrawn the port city of Liverpool from being recognized as a World Heritage Site. The responsible committee of the United Nations Educational, Scientific, Cultural and Communications Organization (Unesco) made the decision Wednesday at its 44th meeting in Fuzhou, China.

This is only the third time in the history of the 1972 World Heritage Convention that a cultural or natural site has had its prestigious title withdrawn.

Due to the city’s development project called “Liverpool Waters”, the construction of high-rise buildings, infrastructure projects and mismanagement, the status was already under threat. There were also reviews of a planned football stadium. Liverpool has been on the endangered sites list as a maritime trade town since 2012. In a Unesco document, it is said to have long lost its character, which has led to its being listed as a World Heritage Site by humanity.

The last time the Elbe Valley in Dresden was removed from the World Heritage List in 2009 due to the construction of the Waldschlößchen Bridge. The first removal took place in 2007 for Oman due to the reduction in the size of the wildlife reserve for rare Arabian oryx antelopes.