From Haier, they showcased their new washing and drying solutions with the SuperDrum Series 9 and I-Pro Series 5. These new devices use artificial intelligence to adapt to each type of garment and feature connectivity with the manufacturer’s app to monitor the process.

The connected home is also present in household appliances, and Haier’s washers and dryers are the latest example. The company uses the IoT concept to make household chores easier.

SuperDrum Washers Series 9

With a slightly more vintage design, these new washers are compatible with the Haier hOn app, which allows us to monitor the entire washing and drying process. In addition, it will also be possible to customize the washing cycle, and according to the manufacturer, energy consumption is optimized thanks to artificial intelligence.

Among its most notable features we find its Direct Motion motor, which from Haier ensures that it is the quietest and most efficient of its range. Its capacity is 10kg for washing and 6kg for drying. In addition, it integrates cleaning and disinfection functions with its Smart Dual Spray system, which is responsible for cleaning the drum at each cycle.

The SuperDrum Series 9 also features micro-steam technology to refresh the most delicate clothes, and features an antibacterial treatment that protects against mold growth and growth in key areas.

I-Pro Series 5 Dryers

Haier also provided information about its new I-Pro Series 5 tumble dryers. These also offer compatibility with the hOn app, so users can control the wash cycle, receive notifications and even suggestions for better results. They have a capacity of 9kg, with A +++ energy efficiency.

These dryers also feature the Synchro Wash + Dry function, which allows you to connect the dryer to the Haier washing machine to suggest the appropriate drying program based on the wash settings used. With its artificial intelligence cycle, the system adapts to drying conditions in terms of quantity and type of clothes.

The I-Pro Series 5 also has a function that scans the labeling of the garment, which we can do with the hOn app itself, so we will adjust the most suitable wash cycle for a type of garment. specific. And with the Stop & Go system we can manage the drying program, being able to offer notifications on when we need to stop the process.

These dryers also incorporate a disinfection function, which regulates the temperature up to 60 ° C to eliminate 99% of bacteria.

Date and availability

Haier’s Super Drum Series 9 washer-dryers are now available for $ 1,579. As for the I-Pro Series 5 dryers, they can be found at a retail price of 709 euros.

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