Artist to go to jail for 40 days for insulting AfD politician


An arrest warrant has been issued against artist and actress Enissa Amani. As she wrote on Twitter, she faces 40 days in prison because she does not want to pay a fine of 1,800 euros.

After Bavarian AfD member of state parliament Andreas Winhart spoke out as racist in a public speech in 2019, Amani indirectly called him a ‘dumb’ and ‘bastard’ who should be ‘locked up’ “. . In the speech, Winhart accused the Albanians and Kosovars of being thieves. Moreover, he had used the N word in the speech and assumed that the migrants were inherently sick. Despite several reports, Winhart’s racist remarks have gone unpunished. Amani therefore refuses to pay the fine in protest. “It is quite fair that one person does not insult another and should be responsible for it,” Amani admitted on Twitter. But she couldn’t understand that in Germany in 2021 a politician with such inhumane statements would get away with impunity. You will pay every sum out of your pocket if Winhart has to pay the state at least $ 100 for her terrible claims, Amani continued. She expressly forbade her friends and relatives to pay her the fine