Today the vast majority of mobiles have the front camera in a notch or hole. Either way, the result is the same: part of the screen is “hidden” and instead you have the lens. If you are already bored, you can customize your notch decoration with patterns with the Notch Design app.

Unlike other apps like Nacho Notch, the idea is not to hide the notch, but to enhance it with patterns. Since you have something on screen, why not have a more interesting design than a circle? Why not the Batman logo?

Decorate your notch or piercing

In Android you can customize everything: change wallpaper, icons, launcher and a long, long etcetera. Another thing you can customize is the notch or perforation design. Not inside, of course, but around.

All you have to do is install Notch Design and give it permission to display over other apps, which is necessary for obvious reasons. Permission allows the decoration to stay in place when switching between apps and even when switching to landscape mode. This is an advantage over more common solutions, such as wallpapers that hide the notch or perforation.

App needs permission to be displayed on top

Notch Design is a complete and functional application, although it is not extremely easy to use. Basically, you will need to complete several steps. The first is to enable the design with Change Notch Design. It is also recommended to choose the type of notch of your mobile, to choose between holes or notch, on both sides or centered.

Then it’s time to press Choose Notch Design and choose the design you want to apply. There are several funky options, including superhero logos, matching circle decorations, and plenty of Batman logos. Initially, they won’t fit exactly, so you’ll have to adjust their position and size from the settings (Height and Width for size and X-Position and Y-Position for position).

The application includes several designs, although it takes some skill to adjust them

Interestingly, some models don’t hide or decorate the notch or punch-hole, but instead allow you to add more “fake” lenses to your screen. That is, if you want, you can put an additional punch-hole virtual dual camera on your screen. We don’t judge you.

The app is free, but it will play a video ad for you whenever you choose a layout. If you like the invention, you can pay 2.29 euros for the Pro version and forget the ads. For the rest, the invention, although totally useless, works well.

Notch design