In his last newsletter, Mark Gurman already told us about the possibility that Apple will launch a new MacBook Pro with M2 this spring, on March 8 to be exact. Now, another publication that stands out for its credibility in predictions proves him right. Rumors that next month we will have a new Mac among us are piling up.

Several rumors that coincide at the same point

Mark Gurman gets most of his information from Cupertino. Very valuable information, no doubt, but which can sometimes fluctuate. Likewise, there are other sources, notably Asian, that get the information directly from the supply chain, where some predictions are more complicated to make, but others much easier to verify.

When both sources publish the same information, the chances of success skyrocket. And that’s exactly what’s happening now that DigiTimes is reporting that Apple plans to launch a new MacBook Pro in early March.

“Apple is expected to launch a flood of new devices in early March, including the new MacBook Pro adopting the latest M2 processor, the iPhone SE and the entry-level 5G iPad, the sources said. Except for the processor, it is reported that most other components used in the new MacBook Pro will feature nearly the same specifications as the existing model with M1 chips, prompting MacBook Pro supply chain partners to keep production going during the holiday week Lunar New Year to meet growing demand for the Mac series, the sources continued.

Although the report does not mention the size of this MacBook Pro, after the renewal of the 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro at the end of last year, we can only hope that we are talking about the 13-inch MacBook Pro, the ‘one of the first to give the jump to M1 processors.

For now we will have to wait for the official invitation from Apple, certainly, but the number of rumors that point to this renewal is really high, as well as the reliability of the sources. If all the predictions come true, Apple will start the year with important presentations, a year, according to rumors, full of novelties.

Picture | Aidan Hancock