The disappearance of the original HomePod from the Apple catalog is something that surprised us so much that many of us still wonder why this decision was made. According to some rumors, Apple would develop a substitute, a hybrid between Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime that would arrive in 2023, although pending the hardware strategy in the living room remains less clear.

A strategy that will take a step forward in 2023

In his latest newsletter, Mark Gurman, collects the current state of Apple’s strategy for our living room hardware. According to the Bloomberg reporter, competition is strong in the field of Apple TV, with contenders like Amazon or Roku, which stand out in this field. As a possible response from Apple, Gurman suggests that Apple could develop a cheaper version of the Apple TV, lower the price of the current model, or add more features to justify its price. Something that, on the other hand, doesn’t expect to happen anytime soon.

If Apple wants to be really efficient, it could simply lower the price of its box, make a cheap “stick” version with 4K, or add features that are really worth it. But to this day, it’s hard to believe that will happen anytime soon, especially since Apple engineers have told me that the company does not have a solid hardware strategy for the classroom and that there was not much internal optimism.

A step forward in the strategy from 2023.

A temporary situation, since according to the same Gurman Apple is working on a combination of Apple TV, HomePod and FaceTime devices that could be seen in 2023.

Once again, Apple seems to recognize this and is developing a combined Apple TV, HomePod and home center device with a FaceTime camera which will be marketed around 2023. Will this version finally improve Apple’s offer in the living room? Only time will tell. But if the next big makeover doesn’t go well, maybe it’s time for Apple to consider putting Apple TV on the same shelf as other living room products like the HiFi iPod and the top HomePod. range.

Recalling the rumors about the development of a game-centric version of Apple TV, it could well be said that this would be the new AppleTV / HomePod of 2023, the device that will take an important step forward in this regard. . After seeing what M1 processors are capable of and calculating that by mid-2023 we could easily be on the M3 or M2X, Apple could launch a truly impressive device. A mix of console, entertainment center and high quality speaker.

For now, admittedly, we are in the realm of guesswork, but the truth is that there are already several rumors that point to such a move. A movement that would move the league to Apple TV and offer us much more.

Image | Jeremy Zero