Mark Gurman burst in just before the start of the weekend to reveal what he thinks will be the date for Apple’s next keynote: March 8. It falls on a Tuesday (as tradition dictates), and Bloomberg’s editor reserves the possibility that the event will eventually be another day “around” March 8.

Three devices and a big software update

For this event, Gurman predicts three big news:

A third generation iPhone SE with a new chip and 5G, which would become one of the cheapest terminals with this connectivity on the market and which would motivate many Android users to take the plunge. The design would be at least similar to the current generation, retaining the Home button and Touch ID. A new iPad Air that would also keep the same design, but inherit the A15 chip and 5G connectivity to catch up. A new Mac, without specifying the exact model. We could be talking about the new MacBook Air or the new Mac mini. It’s less likely to be the big-screen iMac, as rumors place it more towards summer or fall.

Around these dates we would also see the arrival of iOS 15.4, which will bring unlocking via FaceID with a mask and the long-awaited Universal Control. Gurman ends his post by pointing out that we will have a developer event in June and at least one more event in September to showcase the new iPhone 14.

If this data ends up being true, the timeline is pretty much set. We would be a month away from this event, and we would probably receive the invitation that would confirm it in about twenty days. Tick, tock, tick, tock.