The wait is over. Starting next week, the long-awaited iPhone 13 rumors will take a back seat to the official news. Rumor has it already that September 14 is the likely date for an Apple event to be celebrated, which means we may receive official confirmation for this event starting tomorrow.

In this case, we would at least see the presentation of these iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 with a redesign of its exterior. Even momentarily, images of the cases of these iPhone 13s circulated in their boxes, but it seems that they have removed the source of this video.

Two, three or more events – place your bets

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This iPhone presentation event will not be alone. This will be the first step in what should be a “hot fall” of new products, among which we can also see new AirPods or the long-awaited redesigned high-end MacBook Pros.

A lot of things to throw have piled up, so we can bet on (at least) two fall events. One in mid-September and one in October. And beware, last year we had three and it repeats itself perfectly. They were shorter, but they were events after all. DigiTimes wouldn’t even be surprised if we only saw two events in September.

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We will start to have more concrete and serious data from next week. Let’s make ourselves comfortable, because between presentations and launches, Apple will be entertaining us from tomorrow until practically Christmas.

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The new Apple’s Fall Party Begins: Rumorsfera was originally published in Applesfera by Miguel López.