In August last year, Apple bought Primephonic, a service focused on classical music streaming. A purchase that seems set to bear fruit soon since references to “Apple Classical” appear in the Apple Music application for Android.

A service that we could see at WWDC

It’s true that we have more questions than answers about the service we’ll call Apple Classical for now, but it looks like the wait to solve them is coming to an end. In the Apple Music app for Android, there is a mention of Apple Classical (via 9to5google), the following:

string name=”open_in_apple_classical”>Open in Apple Classical

While it is true that the name used can only be internal and temporary, we could also be in front of the definitive name of the service. This little string of text also gives us clues that Apple Classical might be another app besides Apple Music.

Here it is important to note that we are talking about Android, so it is possible that in Apple operating systems the situation changes and everything is integrated into the Music application, but otherwise we would have two applications, perhaps be even two subscriptions (maybe included in Apple One).

As for the release date, the truth is that we can only make assumptions. Seeing this string in the Android app, and not the iOS app, would indicate a fairly advanced level of development, so Apple Classical could be one of the new features in iOS 16 and showcased at WWDC. We’ll try, in case the flute sounds (magic, of course).

Picture | Larissa Birta