The ‘Apple Car’ fled. Today, DigiTimes predicted its launch for 2024. Today CNBC, one of the largest media in the United States, corroborates it from its own sources and even calls it a “passenger vehicle”. Finally, the rumor that has been running since 2014 is taking shape.

CNBC collects all the rumors that have circulated in recent years and corroborates them: in the past, Apple set out to create its own car, then backed down to focus more on software and now “enough progress has been made” to have the goal of making a car as such.

The revolution would also be on the drums

Apparently, one of the key steps to reach this point is a new battery technology that can significantly reduce the cost of its production, and at the same time increase the range of the vehicle. This would save space by building a single cell, and at the same time use a compound called lithium iron phosphate which would offer less risk of overheating.

There are no more details on the car as such, although there is talk of a series of LiDAR sensors that would be integrated into the body. The source also warns that the project risks being completely screened out, which is not the idea but it is not impossible. Making and selling cars is no joke, it is perhaps the most difficult challenge Apple will face. Fact: Tesla took 17 years to get the benefits of its cars after years and years of development. Apple would only take six or seven years.

Image | Alessio Lin