Apple would slow down an interesting project to rethink part of the healthcare system, according to Insider. An internal project for employees who, unbeknownst to us, seek to manage movement goals, allow discussion with healthcare staff and manage hypertension.

A complete health management application

“HealthHabit” has been an employee of Apple for some time in the experimentation phase. A project designed to be offered to the public if it prospered internally and which now, it seems, will be on hiatus. In Insider, they tell us a little more about this initiative.

It’s an app called HealthHabit that Apple employees can use to record their fitness goals, manage hypertension, and talk to doctors and trainers at AC Wellness, the group of doctors with which Apple work. Health Habit is part of Apple Health, an organization of several hundred engineers, program managers, data scientists, designers, and physicians who oversee Apple clinics, consumer features like heart rate and fitness tools, and future and secret bets in the health field. Apple has been testing training programs for workers with hypertension in conjunction with AC Wellness over the past few years, and employees saw HealthHabit as the next logical step in bringing the job to life, three people said. If HealthHabit were to be successful internally, it could someday be a product for customers, they said.

It is not known why Apple wants to slow down this project. What we do know is that HealthHabit has a team of around 50 employees who “put in a tremendous amount of time”. From Insider, they suggest that the project continue with a smaller team or that it be canceled altogether.

Tim Cook has commented on several occasions that “Apple’s greatest legacy will be in the health sector”. An area in which we see the dedication of more resources and time and which, although some projects are abandoned along the way, is enjoying more and more importance.