As Mark Gurman has already told us in his weekly newsletter, Apple is preparing a new iPad Pro, a renewal of the previous model, the first we have seen with an M1 processor. The one that, according to the latest rumors, would come with an M2, but without MagSafe.

Wireless charging for iPads takes it a step further

The issue of MagSafe on the iPad comes a long way. When we first started seeing this wireless charging technology on the iPhone, rumors of it coming to the iPad already surged, but so far they have never materialized. More recently, a few weeks ago, rumors of a possible iPad with a glass back and compatibility with this wireless charging returned.

The same rumors have already raised that there are difficulties in the durability of the device. They even suggested that only the Apple logo on the back should be glass. Now, famed leaker Dylan has tweeted that while he expects this year’s new iPad Pros to arrive with M2 processors, he highly doubts they will with wireless charging.

“The iPad Pro M2 is coming this fall. I’ve only heard concerns from multiple sources about its MagSafe/wireless charging capabilities. All iPad Pro models will have a MiniLED display. The AirPods Pro 2 are also in road.” Release.

As we can read in the tweet, it would seem that although Apple is testing prototypes to bring wireless charging to iPads, we don’t expect any news on this in the short term. It is true that this charge would open the doors to interesting possibilities, such as using reverse charging to fill the battery of our iPhone or AirPods from the iPad, but it seems that we will have to wait a little longer.

Picture | Daniel Romero